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3rd Dec 2019, 8:57 PM in Title
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PicketFurret 3rd Dec 2019, 8:57 PM edit delete
To summarize, this is a Comic based on an alternate starter Nuzlocke run for a Rom Hack I found one day while looking to see if there was anyone who had made one that had Fairy types added to the game, and for some reason this wound up being the first result for me at the time (This was before I started doing Nuzlocke runs). The hack didn't have the added fairy types, but it allowed you to catch all Pokemon in the series, and that sounded like a good enough consolation for me to download it... and promptly forget about it for a year since I got Pokemon Sun some time before that. After remembering I had the rom recently and reading a bit of the documentation included, I found that the game was also somehow made even harder than usual due to the changes made along with the added Pokemon, so I decided "Hey, my self-esteem is low enough, why don't I nuzlocke this?", so I did, but not before making one more change...

You see, what got me to remember that I downloaded the rom was me fiddling around with the Pokemon Randomizer and wanting to do so with Pokemon White. I also found that the program also allowed you to change the starters of both you and your rivals manually without randomizing anything else; and when that fact dawned on me, my idea for an Ashlocke challenge came into fruition, and the rest is history.