My comic and its sporadic updates (and how I plan to fix it)
by PicketFurret 12th Sep 2020, 7:49 PM

So as you probably could tell, my comic is pretty bad when it comes to updating with one page being made months at a time. There's a very easy explanation for it, and it basically amounted to me not having a set story plan for the longest time (along with me swamped with commission work, though I'm slowly getting that resolved too).

However, I THINK I figured out a system that can fix all that:

Basically, I plan out and work on making SEVERAL pages all at once (Most likely 24-30 pages), practically drawing/writing out a single chapter at once until I get them all done. This is actually a pretty common tactic for webcomic artists to do and for some reason it took me up until recently to figure that out.

The Bad News: This means another Hiatus, and it will probably be a very long one that I can't really predict how long

The Good News: Once the pages are done, the comic will practically be updating with at least one page per week (with a single long one on DA every three/four weeks)

So yeah, sorry it took this long for me to realize that this was a pretty huge problem and hopefully this new plan will pan out in my favor.


- Picket Furret